About Halki

Halki is one of the islands of the southeastern Aegean in the Dodecanese archipelago with 478 inhabitants.
Lies 16 km from Rhodes and 302 nautical miles from Piraeus.
It is one of Greece’s smallest islands with 28 sq. km of land mass and 34 km of coastline.

There are two versions of the origin of the name of the island:  was so named either from the copper (Halkos) mines and workshops that existed on the island in antiquity, 
or from the Phoenician word “karki” or “kalchi” meaning “purple”, the shell that was abundant on the coast of the island at that time and which was traded by the Phoenicians.

Nimborio, the island’s capital, harbor and only inhabited area is beautiful, with houses of neoclassical architecture, which show the grandeur of bygone times.

There are few cars on the island and two buses, as the distances are very small and you can go almost everywhere on foot.

The calmness and slow pace of life on the island, the crystal clear waters, the fresh fish that just a local has fished,
the sound of fishing boats and the cool sea breeze promise you unforgettable relaxing holidays.