Covid-19 is mainly transmitted through the respiratory system, through the respiration/cough/sneeze of an infected person that is near us, through droplets of an infected person that are in the air, through contact with an infected person, through infected surfaces and exchanged items.

The symptoms are fever, cough, difficulty in breathing. If anybody is feeling any of these symptoms should remain isolated in his room/house and must instantly  inform the personnel electronically. (see below)

We seek to be in open or well ventilated spaces, when possible.

The client should daily open the house’s windows, in order for it to be ventilated.

We recommend using the veranda seats, when the weather is nice.

Avoidance of air-conditioning.

Keep a minimum 2-meter distance from all people in the villa (personnel/other clients)

We do not shake hands, we do not kiss or touch other people.

We do not exchange items.

We do not touch any part of our face.

Use of tissue or elbow for possible cough or sneeze.

Frequent wash of hands with water and soap.

Avoid drinking the house’s tap water.

Sanitize your hands using hand sanitizer.

Check-out: Until 11:00   Check-in: After 15:00

Visitors are strictly prohibited in all areas of the property.

Visiting the other villa is prohibited. You can use phone/electronic contact.

Maximum restriction of contact between clients and personnel. Utilization of electronic contact. Send SMS messages or call +30 694 510 1920 (Ilias).  Send E-Mails . We must prevent any transmission of the virus and stay healthy.

For the frequent, direct or indirect (through items and equipment of the room) contact between the client and the maid to be avoided, housekeeping is not going to be frequent and will mainly happen after your departure, unless  requested from the client. Please let us know what you need.

The client sanitizes his hands using the hand sanitizer. In the Villa the client washes his hands using water and soap. Repeat before exiting your villa.

Housekeeping: Detailed cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces and items, using  I. 0,1% chlorine solution and II. 70% ethanol sanitizer. Also disinfection of fabrics with a steam cleaner.  After that, the house remains empty for at least 24 hours, before the next clients check in.

Hand decontamination using hand sanitizer directly after any necessary transaction (key, credit card, document, money)

In case of even minor symptoms (Fever. Dry cough. Fatigue. Sore throat. Headache. Joint pain. Diarrhea. Loss of smell / taste) the client does not circulate. The client must mandatorily remain in his room/house and instantly contacts the owner. The owner will inform the doctor. The doctor will test the client. Then he has to decide what happens next. In simple cases clients remains in the house, isolated.  If client needs hospital, we call ΕΟΔΥ (1135) and ΕΚΑΒ (166) for directions.

The doctor or anyone approaching the patient should use mask, gloves, face shield, waterproof apron. And he should stay close to him as short as possible. Responsible for Health Protocol: Ilias Kollatos (tel. +30 694 510 1920)

Useful Communication – Electronic communication (for information, for the House, for any need)

  • SMS (or call): +30 694 510 1920 (Ilias Kollatos)
  • E-Mail:
  • Wi-Fi password: roe4908roh5053
  • Hospital of Rhodes: 22413 60000
  • ΕΟΔΥ – National Public Health Organization : tel. 1135
  • ΕΚΑΒ – National Center for Instant Help : tel 166

We would like to inform you that our Villa keeps an archive where all clients’ personal information (Full Name, Nationality, Date of arrival and departure, Address, telephone number, E-Mail Address) is written, in order to facilitate any communication with close contacts of possible COVID-19 cases, that might be identified afterwards, for public Health reasons.

We all must show cautious and responsible behavior.  Any violation of these measures can possibly assist the transmission of the COVID-19 pandemic and set health in danger. For this reason we will be forced to instantly interrupt the accommodation of anyone that violates them, and particularly if the violation is connected with areas, equipment, personnel or other clients of the Villa.