Halki is a small island located near to Rhodes. Although it is very close to Rhodes island, is still untouched by tourism. That makes Halki the perfect destination for relaxing vacations. The colorful houses, clear blue sea water and secluded beaches make Halki a unique place. The island has been declared as center of peace and friendship by UNESCO. It is ideal for quiet vacations and relaxation, with no nightlife whatsoever.

Travelling on the island is done on foot or bicycle since there are no vehicles. The distances are short and walking on the island is pleasant.Halki has very few and small, but nonetheless fantastic beaches with crystal clear waters. Those which are not close to Nimporio are easily accessible by sea with boats.The only settlement of the island is Nimporio, amphitheatrically built in the sheltered harbor . Windmills, tiled mansions built by the expatriates and the captains, the neoclassical City Hall and the imposing Bell Tower of St. Nicholas with the rare wooden temple and the hagiographies of 1861, compose images of unique beauty!

The ruins of Apollo temple stand out, in Pefkia, but also the cave, old hermitage, that is located in Elia, with paintings on the rocks, and KamenoSpileo in Amiglai. In Halki there is also an abandoned village with a Medieval Castle located in the center of the Island. You can also visit the island of Alimia by boat, with equally beautiful beaches.